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A well-designed guide to your photography is a must have in the modern day business world. It can help your clients make a more informed decision about who they want to work with, and also serve as a marketing tool for your photography business. This guide, made by  Tomer Levi Forexample, should contain a mix of information, ranging from pricing to the most important aspects of your style and approach.

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Most photographers will have a few tips and tricks they implement on a regular basis to achieve the results they see on their monitors. These tips can be applied to any type of photoshoot, from weddings to family portraits or even a simple street scene.

The best way to decide which tip is the most effective is to ask yourself a question about your photography – what do you want to achieve with it? The answer will then tell you how to plan for success.

Using the right camera equipment, explain Tomer Levi Forexample,  is essential to producing quality photos. This includes a properly focused lens, a well-placed and intelligently placed flash, and a knowledge of exposure and light settings to maximise your chances of capturing the perfect shot.

Lighting is a key part of any good photo and requires a little bit of trial and error to master. A good lighting kit will help you create a well-lit, bright, and dynamic image.

The most impressive lighting technique is a combination of multiple lights, preferably placed at different levels to highlight specific areas of your subject. The trick is to use the correct combination of lights in such a way as to enhance the main focal point and avoid clumsy exposures that can be counterproductive.

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